Mary A Colborn


Hi. Welcome! I am glad you are here.

As an Author and Educator, I have created this site to collect and share information on environmental education, issues of sustainability, youth and community gardening projects, food, nutrition, the power of reading to children, healing modalities, quantum physics and more – all things that I have a passion for and know you do, too. Or, at least I hope you do!

This is the grand central hub of all that I do within the educational world. It’s where you can find information on my books, writings, workshops and events. While my site is still in the development stage, please take some time to browse around and enjoy the sharing.

Pages of interest include Rainy Day Slug, Sasquatch Books Inc 2000.  My daughter, Mattie, named for my Croatian grandmother, Matilda Krcatovich, and I wrote the book in a “Mommy and Me” writing class. We were given the assignment of writing about a bug. While we love bugs, we couldn’t figure out what to write, when we remembered that we had recently had a house guest – a giant banana slug had hitched a ride into ….for more of the story and information on the book, please go to the “Slug” page.

My second book, Real People, Real Stories, Real Port Orchard was self- published in 2009. I had the joyful privilege of writing a weekly column for the Port Orchard Independent from May 2000 until January 2010. While I occasionally tackled tough and sometimes controversial issues of interest, my favorite stories had to do with the real people of Port Orchard…..Please go to the Real People page for more information and a list of names of these amazing Port Orchard people.

My newest, just recently published book is what I lovingly refer to as my “opus.” It took a mere fifteen, ok, maybe seventeen years to research and write. Written for children aged 8-11, it follows the migration of the rubythroated and rufous hummingbirds through the eyes of a very intuitive eleven year old boy.  For more information, see the page “Wonder” to share the wonder.